Our impact

Menghi (mother, 30)

Dear Red Rose, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the sheep you have given me. I am a widow, HIV-positive, and have three young children. I was desperate before, but now the milk from the sheep allows me to take care of my children, Miriam, Santos and Divora.

Project:  Livestock for livelihoods

Kesete (housewife, 37) and Kubrom (farmer, 47)

Dear Red Rose, thank you very much for the sheep you have given us. We live as outcast from society because we are HIV positive. We will care for the sheep with love, because your gift has brought back hope in our lives and those of our children.

Project:  Livestock for livelihoods

Myhret (housewife, 72) and Yosief (farmer, 77)

Dear Red Rose, thank you very much. We are not in good health, and thanks to the solar panels, we have electricity, and no longer have to inhale toxic petrol fumes.

Project:  Solar powered homes

Some of our projects

Solar powered homes

This project provided 20 mini solar kit power units to rural families that have no access to electricity, where the only nocturnal light sources are still candles or poisonous kerosene lamps.

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Mogogo home ovens

In Eritrea, the Red Rose Foundation has built over 45 Mogogo ovens. These ovens are not only cheaper to run (requiring 50% less wood) but they also have much smaller smoke and dust emissions.

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