Livestock for livelihoods

A great help to contribute to the livelihood of new families is through the provision of livestock to be managed by the mother. 

We have donated over 125 livestock (sheep and goat) to families in rural Eritrea. Such animals adapt easily to the harsh terrains and climate, providing milk and meat for the new family.

Our impact

  • Dear Red Rose, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the sheep you have given me. I am a widow, HIV-positive, and have three young children. I was desperate before, but now the milk from the sheep allows me to take care of my children, Miriam, Santos and Divora.

    Menghi (mother, 30)
  • Dear Red Rose, thank you very much for the sheep you have given us. We live as outcast from society because we are HIV positive. We will care for the sheep with love, because your gift has brought back hope in our lives and those of our children.

    Kesete (housewife, 37) and Kubrom (farmer, 47)


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