School in India

With this long term project the Foundation concretely contributes to the education of children who are not guaranteed, especially if of female gender, a decent education level and training because of ancient cultural heritage or ethnic discrimination.

The literacy rate in this remote rural region of Arunachal Pradesh, a borderland for a long time claimed by China, is less than 20%. By contrast only an adequate education may be the way of liberation from poorness and emancipation from cultural interchange limitations induced by a dialect only spoken locally.

This school is the first and only building, built on site, with reinforced concrete structure and, essential requirement for the Foundation, will adopt the current seismic risk mitigation criteria, of highest degree in the region.

After the first seven classrooms, spent the rainy season very intense flooding the territory, almost 2700 mm concentrated between the months of May and September, seven new classrooms will be built by raising the floor of the building under construction

A staff of nine teachers impart about 300 students approximately 1,000 hours of instruction on an annual basis for each class. In addition to mathematics, history and science, etc., English and Hindi will be taught which are the two official languages ​​of India, the constitution is written in English and Hindi.



  • 7 new classroom
  • 300 students
  • 9 teachers
  • 1000 hours of class per year


  • India